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An Unwavering Commitment to Excellence With Professional Signage

 From designers to technicians, project managers, and beyond, Altitude Signs has the signage industry’s most well-rounded professionals. We bring a wealth of experience to each initiative and make sure you get the most from your signage in return.

The Ultimate Support Team

We are a team of leaders who strive for premium-quality results and superb customer satisfaction.

Jimmy Kunsman became President of Altitude Signs when the company was founded in 2015. As an MBA graduate and military veteran, he is a strategic leader with vast experience. His relentless discipline, work ethic, and passion are ingrained in our mission for leading the architectural signage and environmental graphics fabrication industry through innovation, extraordinary services, and valuable experiences. Every day, he comes to work committed to making a difference by solving complex problems and delivering superb service and a premium-quality product.

But while Jimmy has keen attention to detail and a passion for helping others, he can’t do everything on his own. Any great leader needs a trusted sidekick, and it’s a massive understatement to say General Manager Glen Sonnefeld fits that mold. Glen has been Jimmy’s right-hand man since the company’s inception. He assists with all aspects of Altitude Signs’ day-to-day operations, manages relationships between vendors and partners, and delegates responsibilities to ensure a safe, high-quality finished product and timely delivery.

Fred Casey

Jimmy Kunsman

Yuko Moore

Marissa Peacock

Melanie Rowen

Jon Slotta

Glen Sonnenfeld

Altitude Signs | Kevin Franke

Kevin Franke

Michelle Forys

Jennifer Copeland | Altitude Signs

Jennifer Copeland

Wade Pugsley

Derek Runes

Chris Sendef

John Driscoll

Victor Magana

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Gerald Burkey

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