Location Planning

Effective Wayfinding Designs for any Physical Environment

When it comes to sign location planning, Altitude Signs is there each step of the way to ensure all specifications are met.

Fool-Proof Sign Location Plans

At Altitude Signs, our objective is to support you with top-quality, interactive signage in a highly visible area. We work tirelessly to deliver just that, but this requires extensive effort and a careful examination. A sign installation isn’t as simple as just drilling holes in a wall and hanging up the display. There’s an entire science behind it, but it’s a process our team has mastered.

The experts at Altitude Signs are sharp in every aspect of site programming and sign location planning. Before beginning the installation process, our team monitors the site and locates the best spot for your display to hang or rest. We analyze floor plans thoroughly and map out exactly where the sign fits best. And once we’ve scoped out the right area, we establish a construction plan that abides by the necessary codes and compliances.

Do more than just guide people.

Take advantage of a wayfinding experience that identifies, guides, and embodies the culture of your organization.

Wayfinding Signage Plans

The process of wayfinding was developed to help orient people in a physical space. Its objective is to eliminate confusion by guiding visitors from point A to point B quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re just directing people from room to room or conducting an entire outdoor route, wayfinding signage can help expedite the way you navigate. That’s an area where our experts can help make a difference.

No task is too big or small for the team at Altitude Signs. We perform multiple wayfinding projects for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments all over the United States. Our identification signs are custom-fabricated and exclusively tailored for settings like:

  • Parking Lots
  • Hallways
  • Movie Theaters
  • Stadiums
  • Roadways
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • And Much More!
Altitude Signs | Water Park | Wayfinding Sign

Evacuation Route Signs

Getting people to their intended destinations is just half the responsibility. The other half is to ensure everyone that there is a safe protocol for those worst-case scenarios. We know that to execute effective wayfinding, you must have the necessary safety signs displayed as well. We design, fabricate, and install a wide array of safety signs for the evacuation route your architect defines.

No matter what purpose your signage serves, the experts at Altitude Signs will be there to guide you to success. Take advantage of a simplified location planning program and schedule a free consultation to find out more about wayfinding, site programming, and how our solutions can make a difference for your organization.

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