Project Management

Sign Makers With a Better Project Management Process

 From design to installation and beyond, the team at Altitude Signs works tirelessly so your signage project goes according to plan.

Design, and Manufacturing

Commercial signage projects are timely procedures. Whether you need to replace your displays, revamp specific designs, or introduce more exhibits, Altitude Signs is available to help make the entire process easier. We are project management professionals with keen attention to detail, and there’s no project we can’t handle. With years of experience as leaders in the signage industry, our team brings an unrivaled wealth of knowledge and skills to every task, beginning with a custom design.

We kick off the process with a thorough review of all the necessary building and zoning requirements issued by the state, city, and local municipalities. With this information in mind, we meet with each client to discuss their vision and objectives. From there, we analyze the site and craft a high-quality design that also complies with all mandates.

Here’s how we get it done:

Code-Compliant Signage

Before the design takes place, we make sure to review the standards issued by your building department. We then design a plan to ensure the signage is ADA-compliant. From there, we help collect the necessary permits so we can kick off the fabrication and installation process.

Product Development and Manufacturing

Reduce production costs by letting us handle the creative legwork. We’re tactical professionals with proficient fabrication abilities. After the design is drawn up, we bring it to life on the right canvas. We manufacture premium-quality products using only the finest materials: wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Fulfill all your project requirements.

Keep your signage in pristine condition by letting our experts simplify everything from the initial design phase to ongoing maintenance and beyond.

Installations and Maintenance

Designing the sign is only half the work we do. The other half is ensuring the product is implemented correctly. After our project managers get the property through inspection, we coordinate installation. We work with trade professionals such as drywall companies and electricians to establish the appropriate coordinates for the sign installation.

Our goal is to make the installation process as seamless as possible for everyone involved. We operate with a 60-foot crane truck for any big projects involving exterior signage. For smaller, indoor installations, we have a team working diligently to make the installation run quickly and efficiently. And we make sure enough people are onsite when multiple forms of signage need to be installed in different areas.

But our work doesn’t stop after your sign gets put up. We work to preserve the sign to ensure it’s always in good shape. We follow up with a thorough maintenance routine to extend the quality of life of your signage.

By taking part in our quarterly maintenance program, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Neon and LED Sign Support
  • Hail Damage Repair
  • Painting and Repainting
  • Retrofitting and Material Replacement
  • Cleaning and Powerwashing
  • And More!

Greater Project Success Guaranteed

Signage management doesn’t have to be difficult, and when Altitude Signs is in your corner, it won’t be.There’s no task we can’t handle. From interior or exterior signs, to traditional or digital displays, we’ll be there to keep it in optimal condition for years to come. We are a dynamic workforce with the signage industry’s sharpest project management professionals. We’ll help streamline every aspect of your signage project, from the product design to the manufacturing process and beyond.

Call us today and share your vision. We’ll create the project plan that transforms it into a success!

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