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As a premier source for professional signage, Altitude Signs delivers the highest quality ADA-compliant signs.

Interior Office Signs

Here at Altitude Signs, we’re not afraid of stepping beyond the definition of a sign to provide features that typical sign companies don’t deliver. When it comes to custom interior signage, we are the cream of the crop. As professional fabrication specialists, we work to fill your office with effective signage made from the highest-quality materials.

Altitude Signs—your one stop-shop for custom office signs exclusively tailored for your indoor environment.

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We work with our clients to gather data before the design takes place. Once we know exactly what they’re looking for, we craft a stellar design, carve out the sign on the right canvas, then coordinate the entire installation to deliver signage in a highly visible public space. And we make sure each product meets ADA standards and all other regulations.

Invest in quality work.

Trust the experts at Altitude Signs to transform your space into one that’s approachable and meaningful.

Effective Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding is a form of spatial problem solving that helps people navigate their environment. In today’s age, wayfinding is a vital form of office signage. Think about the reception signs you see at the front desk when you walk into a building. That simple name plaque is only a small form of wayfinding, but it’s one of many areas we where we can help.

At Altitude Signs, we strive to keep environments as stress-free as possible We know that nothing compounds stress quite like getting lost in an unfamiliar environment. We help combat that stress with effective wayfinding guidance. Our signage helps keep people on the right path, as it effectively directs them where they need to be. We support clients with four primary types of wayfinding signs:


Does your office offer free Wi-Fi? What are your hours of operation? Do you offer a world-famous service? That information deserves to be shared. We manufacture and install informative wayfinding signs, so those viewing them can get the necessary details needed to make the most of their time in your facility.


These signs let you know you’ve arrived in the right place. We create room identifiers for conference rooms, office door entrances, and more. Our wayfinding system helps pinpoint the exact area where you need to be.


The bigger your facility is, the more likely you are to get lost. Altitude Signs makes it easy for you to navigate around corporate-sized buildings and hospitals. We install directional signs to help guide employees, customers, and patients to their destinations.


A regulatory sign informs people about all the rules. This signage labels prohibited areas, describes important safety protocols, and shares other pertinent information. In an effort to help our clients create safer environments, we make sure all regulatory signs are installed in plain sight so visitors understand what to do during a dangerous situation.

Give Your Office the Perfect Touch

With Altitude Signs, expect more than just a professional signage service. You can count on our team of problem solvers to fill your indoor environment with products that spread appeal, efficiency, and productivity. Your ideal signage system is just a call away, so let the experts serve you with the perfect sign solution.

Learn more about our premium-quality indoor signage and contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with the Altitude team!

Don’t just settle for basic indoor signage.

Fill your office space with more zest by taking advantage of a custom indoor sign by the experts who know it best.

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